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April 27 & 28

The trials are open to all breeds.  

The events will be held at Agility at the Farm
Campton Hills, IL

Start line issues?
Contact problems?
Weave pole stress?
Green dog?
Nervous handler?
Just looking for some fast, fun courses?
Then ASCA agility is the just what you need!

Around the Farm Australian Shepherd Club Events
*ASCA agility welcomes ALL breeds and mixes

* Dogs do not need to have an ASCA registration or tracking number. If you want your qualifying legs to count for titles,
then you need to become a Service Member of ASCA for a year and register your dog for a tracking number ($10 for a
service membership fee and $10 registration for each dog).

* You can train in the ring up to SCT (within reason – no toys or treats).

* You don't have to start in Novice! (Legs earned at higher levels will be credited towards lower levels.)

* ASCA Gamblers will give you experience for AKC FAST, USDAA Gamblers and CPE Jackpot.

* Veterans and Juniors divisions are offered.

* 24" jump height is available if you choose!

Our judge for this trial is Pamela Smith
Pre-entries close December 1, 2017 or when trial fills.
Discounts offered based on total runs per household for the weekend.
Day of Show entries accepted if runs are available.

April Trial Premium

Flyer with more info on ASCA

Looking Ahead to more 2019 Trial Dates

December Premium
coming soon!